Wednesday, January 26, 2011

USB or not to B that is the question!

I see this frustration every day!  You put the USB plug into the computer, nope wait that wasn’t the right direction hold on… you put the USB plug into the other way….

You get the picture – USB’s apparently have been a little issue for many people according to this article.  Ok, this is a little geeky even for me.  But I loved the graphics and the way they broke down a USB adapter and port in this article. You can read the original at: and credit to Michael Gorman who wrote this article:



Maybe there are greater aggravations in your life, but the symmetrical-on-the-outside, asymmetrical-on-the-inside USB connector has been a source of frustration since its introduction. To combat the problem of USB plug rejection, Ma Xi Xuan has developed the Double USB connector that works right side up or upside down thanks to twin spring-loaded plastic connectors on its interior. The design seems more robust than previous solutions we've seen, but sadly the switch-hitting plug is only a design exercise at this point. We can only hope that company will exercise some common sense and make these plugs a reality. Tomorrow works for us.


I am often asked which side goes up and if you take a moment to look at the USB cable you will see a little USB symbol on top of it:

image   I would like to tell you that the picture side always goes up toward you and that is the way to know that you are putting the cable in correctly – BUT that is  not true.  It is dependent upon how the manufacture placed the female port on the motherboard. 

The ‘redesign’ of the USB will probably be years before it actually hits our shelves – if it even does.  Are we really so bothered by flipping over a cable and trying again?

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