Saturday, January 15, 2011

Keeping my head in the Clouds!

If you have been reading Simply Seniors Computer Tutors blog recently, you have read about the new operating system named Jolicloud.  I have told you how easy it is to install, and my likes and dislikes.  I have been working with the OS for just about one week now and today's blog is a continuation of my life in the clouds. 

I am not using the OS right now to write this blog.  I did try really hard to stick with JC only all day yesterday but today I had to break down and get back to my Outlook Mail.  Additionally, I use Microsoft Live Writer to write and post my blog and I have not yet attempted to download and install it or any software into my Jolicloud OS.  I also discovered that I really hate Open Office’s lay out.  I love the product don’t get me wrong OO is wonderful for what it is but when you know exactly where everything is and it’s laid out in the tab format that I am now so a custom to, again I can’t leave my Microsoft behind.  I do a lot of work in Power Point – have you tried to make a PP quality presentation in OO?  I had a very hard time getting things to move as if OO was glitchy.  Again, tools I really like were not there in the OO version. 

I didn’t realize that I was so Microsoft dependant.  About a year ago when I purchased this current laptop I realized I could not find my copy of Office 2007 with Outlook, a mail viewing program.  I attempted to use Incredimail.  I was very happy with the tabs and I liked the clock feature but the butler scared me to death too many times when my speakers were left turned up too high.  I really didn’t like the cuteness of the software either.  Continuing, trying to give up my beloved Outlook, I used Thunder mail, that did not work for my needs either because I want my built in calendar.  Lastly, I tried using my Windows Live mail account and bringing all of my mail into that one central account but that again was not what I wanted and just didn’t meet my needs.  Then I found my Outlook 2003 and decided I would rather have an outdated software then the new stuff that just doesn’t do it right. 

Say it with me, “I am Micorosft Dependent”  I am sure I am not the only one who would like to make the move to something new and different but just cant because of that one or two features that sets Microsoft apart. 

My work with Joli Cloud has been interesting.  I consider myself pretty good with computers.  I think I have a very good sense of how certain things work and JC has confused me more than once.  For instance, last night I was trying to look at everything.  I am a button pusher, it how I learned to love computers.  I was poking around somewhere an a complete Control Panel popped up.  I look around at the control panel for some time and then close the window.  Well that was the end of that because I can not find the control panel again. I have had this happen a few times where I simply can not find a way to move on, close windows or programs.  I hope to dig around again and see what I can find, I know it’s there – it’s me not the machine but my question is “why is this so hard to find?”  What am I missing? 

Another problem I have is when you minimize a window in size, the window will go to a preset size.  I love the Windows 7 Snap Feature because I compare folders or files often.  I also like to manually resize my windows and I have been unable to do this in JC.  In a Windows based OS your mouse moved to the corner of the window will make an arrow appear that allows you to drag the window to a larger or smaller size.  This is not possible in JC. 

In Jolicloud your ‘apps’ are really web sites.  It is really no wonder new computer users are confused.  I have a facebook ‘app’ it’s really me linking to face book's web site.  I can add ‘apps’ to my desktop in JC.  Apps that come in a pre sorted list of the most popular of their own kind.  Since these ‘apps’ are just links to web sites, really I think of them more like desktop icons that lead you to web sites; why can’t I just right click and save my web page I am on as an app to my desktop?  I have not figured out how to make any web site I want to see appear as an app.  I am sure someone will have an answer to this because it seems pretty common.  I did find a video of instructions but it was a little dated, referring to Fire Fox instead of Chromium. 

I have been discussing Jolicloud with my friends and some think it sounds great all except the part about having to be connected to an internet connection.  When faced with the fact that my computer is rendered completely useless unless I am connected to the network; really upsets me.  Then again that is the whole point of Joli cloud.  To have all of your apps and information in the air. 

I am going to continue to use JC and will keep you updated throughout the week. 

I hope that you have enjoyed reading!  Simply Seniors Computer Tutor is located in Melbourne Florida.  We carter to the technological needs of senior citizens.  Computer Tutor offers in home instruction on your own computer.  See a complete list of our services at www.ComputerTutorHelp.Us 

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