Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This is a Test!

We’re working with new software to learn how to make computer use easier for our clients.  Tonight – it’s Windows Live Writer – a software that connects to your existing blog web site and allows you to create the pages off line in a “Word” type program. 

I think the program has a  lot to offer.  Within just a few seconds of my typing – the software program was already hard at work, correcting my misspellings. 

The program allows me to add video:

The above video is an example video that comes with Windows 7.  I have placed it here to show how easy it was.  I had many options of ‘where’ to get the video I wanted to add – from.  I found the layout very simple and easy to use.

Here is how easy it was to add a hyperlink (aka – a web site link) www.sscomputertutor.com or www.blackgle.net – just write it and it instantly becomes html. 

To add a photo album:

Adding to the album only took a little reading but it was very easy to do and i like the way it lays the photos out on the screen in the middle of the blog – nice. 


Now let’s format the text and check the other tools:  - changing the text color was easy – changing the text style was the same very OLD Microsoft font dialog box.  I find that disappointing because the software has a lot of potential but it should offer drop down menus for the font options. 

sample 1 sample 3
this is and example so is this over here – added a table to the blog with one click!
using tab makes another new cell in the table You have to use your mouse to get back outside of the table.