Saturday, January 29, 2011

Looking for a computer designed for Seniors?

Check out what this company is offering for seniors!  Here is a link to their web site and a copy of the front page to tell you a little about the unit.

The cost is close to $1000 and they want an additional $20 a month for ‘tech support’ – read on to learn more – but don’t be shocked when you don’t see this take off!

GREAT idea but NOT what people want to pay. 


Designed For Seniors® Go Computer

If you, or some one you love, has ever said "I’ll never buy a computer" need to read this!

Now you can finally enjoy writing to your family, researching your favorite hobby or important news item, or just relaxing playing games...simply by clicking on a green GO button.

If you can type an email or website address into a have mastered a whole new world of computing with the designed for SENIORS® GO Computer. Backed by nearly a decade of research and development, the GO Computer has been designed especially for you. It takes about five minutes to set up, and no tools or special skills are required. Plus, it is so easy to understand, no computer classes or DVDs are necessary.

But wait until you start to use it...It’s easy to see and use with specially designed features like a large-letter keyboard, an easy-rolling trackball mouse and a zoom feature that magnifies up to 200 percent. firstSTREET’s computer features a whole new operating system based on a "GO" screen concept, backed up by immediate phone access to around-the-clock U. S.-based remote service and assistance.

Finally...a computer you can’t break, crash or confuse; a computer that won’t lose what’s put into it, and that’s protected from viruses and spam!


Welcome to the world of a failure-free and fear-free computer!

Welcome to the New Standard in Computing Simplicity...the designed for SENIORS® Go Computer...bringing a much-appreciated simplicity to senior computing, as well as high-performance technology.

Now you, and anybody who may be feeling a little technologically challenged these days, can start enjoying a whole new world of entertainment, communication, and education...smoothly and effortlessly into the 21st century.

firstSTREET is proud to introduce to you...the designed for SENIORS® Go Computer...sold exclusively through firstSTREET.

Order the GO Computer now for just $949 plus $19.95 per month for access to our unique service and unlimited email and phone support, upgrades, an effortless computing experience and user friendly links to safe websites.


Simply Seniors Computer Tutor understands seniors have special computing needs.  We can alter your current equipment to make it easier for you to work with. Add a keyboard from Zoom Text for the visually challenged.  Cost, about $99

Track Ball mice are available at your local office store for under $30.


We hope you have learned something new! 863-949-0667 Simply Seniors Computer Tutor


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