Saturday, January 8, 2011

Meet our new Affiliate Partner in Data Storage -

 mozy logo Mozy is here!  It’s the beginning of a ne year and when is the last time that you backed up your computer? 

When you think about it, all the important information in your life is now stored on a computer. Whether it’s photos and music or business documents and financial records, everything is digital. With Mozy, you can be sure your digital life will always be there when you need it.

What is your backup plan? If you are like most home users you don’t have one. Backing up data on CDs or external hard drives can eat up a lot of time. You can only manage to do it every so often. And there’s still a chance that these storage devices can be lost, destroyed, or stolen.

What can be backed up using Mozy?

Family photos. Music. Financial documents. Back up what you want, when you want. You can even create custom backup rules for uncommon files types.

I’m not a techie type, is this going to be hard?

Mozy is 100% automatic. You always have the most recent versions of your files in a safe online environment that you can access from anywhere.

I feel strange putting my personal information on the internet.  What kind of security does Mozy provide for my data?

We protect your files with military-grade encryption—the same security online banks use during data transfer.

Protection like this must be expensive right? Not really.  Try FREE, that’s right I said back your data up for free!

Get 2 GB of 100% free online backup for your photos, music, and other files. No setup fee, no credit cards, no monthly payments or fees, and no hassle.

Now most of us are not going to get all of our pictures and music backed up as 2 GB of space can fill up fast when we are talking about media files.  However, this is great for some documents and of course to try, use and then upgrade to the monthly subscription which I believe is $4.95 at this time.

Computer Tutor is now a promoter and a reseller of this backup service.  Please support Simply Seniors Computer Tutor by clicking the Mozy link through out web site. 

No matter how you do it, DO IT!  Make sure your computer gets backed up at minimum monthly because you never realize how much data and file you have until they are no longer there.

If we can help you or a senior citizen in your area of Central Florida please dial 321-431-3866 and ask for a Computer Tutor!

Get Mozy at www.ComputerTutorHelp.Com

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