Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Social Networking Overload!

Today’s blog comes to you from my own frustrations with social networking.  As you know Simply Seniors Computer Tutors specializes in the needs of senior citizens and new computer users those that have never really heard of a blog let alone read one.  We help computer users that do not know how to even get to a web site in many cases, let alone use Facebook and read Blogs and Tweets.  So why is it that I have found myself working so hard on these different social sites?  Well to get the word out that is why!  Just like any other business owner.  Word of mouth is the best advertising there is hands-down, nothing beats it.  The hard part is getting those mouths moving!!!  (So if you’re reading this please share it with your social circle! This took many hours of my life to create just for your eyes!) 

I was against Simply Seniors Computer Tutor even having a web site for years because again many of our clients do not have the skills to find us through the computer… yet.  After much pushing by my husband I finally went live with our first web site in 2007 (way late in the game I know!)  after all we are a business that specializes in the technological needs of senior citizens.  To my surprise I found a whole new group to market to – the adult kids of the seniors that I work with; they are online and know how to get to our web site!

Today, of course I find myself working hours a day to ‘keep up with the Internet Joneses’ you know keeping up with all the different social networking sites, there are all too many and only a handful worth worrying about anyway.  All of this ‘work’ I have been putting into the blog and then uploading it to Facebook then sharing it amongst my friends and then copying the information and reposting it with a different social group and so on has lead me to thinking “If only there was an easy way to update all of these things at once…

With a little research I have been able to connect many of my different accounts.  I’d like to spend a little time discussing how I did it and give you some links so you can learn to do the same thing.  Additionally, I’d like to go into a little detail about the connecting of accounts – beware of what is being said. 

When it comes to connecting your Facebook (FB) posts to your Tweets’ this web site has nice detailed instructions with screen shots. 

I found that when I connected my Yahoo account to my FB account it was very easy and the same for the Windows Messenger account.  This article at Tech Crunch has some great info about about yahoo/FB connection.  This article is from yahoo

Later, I connected my blogg to my hip bone. No, I connected it to my Twitter or so I thought.  Now that I have spent an entire day connecting each of my ‘social networking’ accounts – I feel less connected than ever! LOL.  It’s a bit of a stretch to think it would all work together flawlessly as I was hoping it would.  I think that some of the things I have posted in one location are being repeated in a second location but again my question to all of the social networked, WHY?  I have about the same exact people on each location. 

No wonder the average computer user is baffled by the BS. I am still trying to convince myself that drone of 30 and 40 year old’s are going to come flocking to our company because of our social appearance, people we otherwise never would have connected with.  With that I close today’s Blog.  I ask that you make me a believer in my self and my theory that if you connect it, if you write it, if you keep up with it… they WILL come!

Remember that is Simply Seniors Computer Tutor, 321-431-3866

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