Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day Two - Life in a Joli - World

My last Blog I explained that I have been working with an alternative OS to Micorosoft’s Windows.  The name of the Operating System (OS) is Jolicloud.  Our last blog gave a nice history of the software, and some great “How To” links.  I ended the last blog explaining that I was going to see just what JC meant by stating we could “Breath Life into old computers by using JC” -  Just how old of a system are we talking about here? 

I have an HP OMni-Book Xe3, the specs are an Intel P3 processor, 128MB RAM and 40GB Hard drive.  First, JC took over two hours to download.  This was not the same experience that I had with the newer laptops I have installed the OS on at this point.  (The other laptops are an Acer Mini One (netbook) and a Compaq Presario CQ6x series laptop.)  After the download completed the install went smoothly (read more about the installation process in our last blog).  The computer did give me some warning messages about my low RAM (92MB) but I kept on clicking next anyway (I like to push the envelope).  The OS rebooted after it’s initial inside Windows install and it did attempt to complete the installation but the lack of RAM kept it from happening. About three very bullheaded hours later I have up and concluded… I guess I need more RAM :-)

I have checked numerous web sites including JC’s own and could find no minimum hardware specifications for the JC OS.  Finally, I did find a hard drive requirement of 4GB.  I don’t think that it is that the OS takes up that much space, I think that it just needed a little working room.  Again, from my findings your minimum RAM requirement is 256MB. 

I hope that you techie types have found this interesting.  I will continue to update you on the JC OS experiments as soon as I get my 256MB RAM installed into the Omnibook. 

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