Monday, January 31, 2011

Skype – Childs Play?

Tonight’s blog is just an observation of the world that I currently live in and a reflection upon what was.

When I was twelve years old we moved into a new house and with the new house came a new bedroom and the most important thing of all, my very own corded telephone line!  I will never forget that pink cored push button phone.  The year was 1987 and there was no internet or Nintendo DS.

Fast forward to my observation of my own ten year old daughter who is now on her laptop computer using the built in web cam to Skype with her girl friend who lives on the other side of town.  The to are using the video feature to explore each other’s bed rooms, look at books together and chat it up!  They are playing dolls, looking at each other’s cat and playing with their Nintendo DS’s.

Isn’t technology grand?  I can not even imagine how far the next twenty years will take us. 

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