Monday, January 17, 2011

Tweet Tweet – Do you use Twitter?

I have had a twitter account for some time now but I have not been a very big fan.  Being a technology specialist I am very late in jumping on the social networking band wagon – I have only been doing this for about three years.  I am a big fan of Facebook.  I have always like the way it is laid out – even in the 1st versions.  I can even put up with the fact that it is always changing, constant improvement is not a bad thing.   Twitter seemed too constraining only allowing me so many characters to post. 

Today, I am still a bigger fan of Facebook over Twitter but I do understand why some would prefer the Tweet over the long winded status report. Here at Simply Seniors Computer Tutor we have recently started ramping up the activity on out Twitter account and I can see I have a lot of tweeting to do to catch up with the big Birds.  I have been learning new ways to save myself time; I write a blog that goes to one web site, a Facebook post that needs to go to that site, a google calendar, and tweeting, how can I connect them all and have them updated at the same time?  Well I have found many great solutions to my problems and today is just one of those solutions. 

If you are a fan of Twitter you will like this information on advanced Twitter settings. This comes to us today from a personal friends educational blog site.  If education is your thing than you should give this blog a read: thanks to Mr. Byrne, for the following:

How to Use Twitter's Advanced Search Options

First, this is not one of those "Twitter will save education" posts. That said, Twittercan be useful for finding resources that can help you as a teacher. The first step in using Twitter is to develop a nice network of people that you interact with, commonly referred to as a personal learning network or PLN. Here are eight ways to develop a PLN. Once you develop a PLN you have a great place to ask questions and share resources. But even then sometimes you won't get quite what you're seeking. In those cases you can turn to Twitter Advanced Search to see what people outside of your PLN have to offer.

Mashable recently produced a video demonstrating how to use Twitter Advanced Search. This three minute video covers what you need to know in order to take advantage of all the information shared on Twitter.

Also have you ever thought about using these same social networks to find a job?  Mashable has also posted a youtube video that will help you use the Twitter Advanced search features to help find your new job!

We hope that you have learned something new today.  please pass this information along to everyone and help us grow our readership.  If you have a topic Simply Seniors Computer Tutor can help with please feel free to drop us a line.  Our email address is you can visit our web site a learn a little more about our company at www.ComputerTutorHelp.Us

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