Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's a new day!

Wow what a day - broken computers everywhere you look. Our business is very lucky to have such great clients.

Oh, you don't know... we specifically help senior citizens with their computer needs.

We have spent the past 7 years perfecting our skills. You see seniors citizens are special people. They require a lot more hand holding that the younger new computer user seems to. See most people under 40 have had a computer in their life - their entire life. From the time you started school you have had to use a keyboard so most people under 40 have had access to some form of a computer or type writer. Seniors may not have had these same opportunities.

Many women did not work outside of the house so they were dependent on their husbands to take care of all of their needs. These needs included taking care of the bills. I have seen time and time again where a senior will loose their spouse and have no idea how to take care of the bills or bank accounts because HE did everything on the computer. I have spent many hours trying to help people sort out where their accounts are and how to access them. My little side note - if you are the one in charge of the books so-to-speak please be sure your spouse is aware of HOW to access your accounts and where those accounts are held; this is a big challenge to have to work through immediately after loosing a loved one and can cause server stress.

Simply Seniors Computer Tutor knows how to use Quicken and can show you how to use the softwares you need to help keep your financial life in order. If you'd like more information on our services please do not hesitate to check out our web site http://www.sscomputertutor.com/ or call 321-431-3866 - you can always send an email from our blog spot if that works for you as well.

Thanks again for reading today's blog - we look forward to blogging at your again soon!

Happy Computing!

Simply Seniors Computer Tutor

Melbourne FL


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