Friday, August 14, 2009

AOL Software and FREE Email Accounts

Today we are going to discuss AOL software. Now if you have been computing as Long a I have been computing you will remember way back when there were only a handful of companies that you and I could use to access the Internet. Most of us went with the most popular of the group - back then being Ameica On Line (AOL). As time went on we learned about different browsers that did not have the annoying attachments that AOL software contains, we learned how to view our mail using mail specific programs; and as I like to explain it our, Internet usage ... Grewup. To this day I explain AOL to someone as the "Internet with training wheels".

Many of my clients have found that over the years their needs have changed and they too would like to get away from AOL; however, having had an AOL account for a number of years they do not wish to change their email address. Well good news is here or you!

It is not a requirement to keep your AOL software in order to continue to use your AOL email address. As of about 3 years ago AOL noticed that they were losing customers to the other 'high speed' companies. In order kep customers happy AOL decided they would 'let go of' the email addresses. This means that a AOL email address is now just as FREE as a yahoo, hotmail, gmail or email address.

For those of you who are currently paying both your broad band carrier and AOL in order t hold on to that beloved email address - you can start sending the checks to me - because I may save you a lo of money. You can contact AOL an after some time on the phone with one of their third world representatives you can have your AOL account closed. You will however, maintain the ownership of the email address and all of your email attached to that email address.

You no longer have to be forced to use the AOL software, accept the unwanted downloads, use ther unnecessary antspyware or other products that have been 'forced' upon you though AOL software. If you have an existing AOL email address and have taken the first steps of getting rid of theAOL sofwtare by uninstalling it from your programs list then you can stat accessing your email through the web from now no by going to - lok to the rgh hand side of the scren and you will see a login screen where you will use the existing user name and password that you already have - this will then bring you to the next screen that allows you to read and respond to your email an store it - on line a you have been doing all this time while using the AOL software.

Another way to access your email now tat you have stopped using the AOL software is by setting up a POP account in your Windows Mail, Windows Outlook, or Outlook Express program. Now this does take a little bit of know how so please do not hesitate to contact your friends at Simply Seniors Computer Tutor for assistance with this set up.

Lastly, if you do not have a free email account and you are looking for one you will have learned that there are many different options open to you. Some I mentioned earlier such as "yahoo, msn, live and google (gmail)".

As with AOL, like any of these FREE web based email accounts you will be required to 'register' usually this is as simple as your first and last name along with some identifying information about yourself that you will know if ever asked (this information is used if you forget your user name or password - the company can then go back into their system and retrieve it for you or reset the information for you).

I prefer google - this is just my preference - I suggest if you are looking for a free web based email account to check out what s out there search 'free web based email'. But be aware that not all FREE email can be viewed through programs like Outlook and Outlook Express and Windows Mail - not all of them support POP ( a type of Internet protocol that allows the email messages to travel back and forth). I know as a fact Yahoo will charge a fee if you want to use it as a pop account; likewise, I know as a fact that AOL, will allow you to set up the email through a pop server.

I hope that you have found this information helpful today. Please do write in and let us know if you are following our blog and please let us know if you have any topics you would like to see covered here in our Blogg!

Thank you again from your friends at Simply Seniors Computer Tutor - we can be found on the web at

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