Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ink Refills Vs. New Ink Cartridges

The question of the day do I buy a new one or do I buy the refill kit and do it myself or option three do I buy an already refilled cartridge?

Refilled cartridges cause many problems with printers. Most of the issues listed in this post I have seen as well. It isn't nice. Printer manufacturers like HP, Lexmark, Epson and others sell the inkjet printers at or near a loss and make their profit in ink, but it doesn't do YOU any good to try and save money on the ink only to ruin your printer. Also, it should be noted that in most cases using ink cartridges that don't meet the printer manufacturer's specifications will void your warranty.

Just realize that inkjet printers (the ones we all have in our homes) are really meant for occasional use. If you print in high volumes, get a laser printer for black and white (you can get them now for less than $100 for low to moderate print volumes) or a color laser printer (which will still set you back at least $350 or so) - but be well worth it in the long run on price per page printing.

Whatever you do, don't skimp on the ink you buy. This is true for inkjet or any kind of printer. It's just not worth the money you save versus the risk you are taking of getting unusable prints or worse, an unusable printer.

Printer cartridges consist the maximum amount of expenses for running a printer. At present there are two ways of replacing your printer cartridges-buy a new cartridge or refill the old one.
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There are two ways you can buy new ink cartridges. You can buy from the printer manufacturer or buy a third-party compatible cartridge. Compatible cartridges, majority of which are made in China, cost less than those made by the OEM (original equipment manufacturer). Other than these two there are also remanufactured cartridges available in the market. These are official OEM cartridges that are professionally cleaned and refilled by the OEM and then put for sale. When using compatible or remanufactured cartridges, not much of a difference would be visible in terms of print quality as long as your printing job is restricted to black text. But when it comes to printing graphics or charts, the difference in quality between new cartridges vs compatible or remanufactured cartridges is clearly visible. It is advisable that individuals who deal with printing photographs or graphical presentations should stick to new ink cartridges. When buying a third-party cartridge, make sure that the manufacturer is a renowned one. Faulty or incompatible cartridges can seriously damage printers.

Ink Refills

Refill kits are available in the market, which contain ink and needles and the buyer has to refill the cartridges on his own. Remanufactured cartridges are the same but the refilling is done in a professional environment and it is impossible for you to match that professional quality. Ink refill kits are good value for money only when you are printing black text. Ink refill is not possible for any length of time. Printer cartridges come with a printer head that wear out after prolonged use. Once the printer head wears out, the cartridge needs to be changed.

Refilling is a process of filling ink into a empty cartridge processed by Professionals after thoroughly cleaning and then filling the ink under vaccum systems to make sure its perfectly done and this is almost the same way the Cartridge manufacturers would be filling ink. The best part is that most Ink Cartridges can be refilled around 5-20 times based on the model numbers and after which the components would get broken and cannot be used for printing. You can expect the same number of print outs while using a Refilled Cartridges when compared to OEM Cartridges and also it would be giving you the same quality of print outs because these companies would perfectly fill the right ink into your empty cartridges.

When the components like the chips, nozzles would get back the company would recommend you to buy a Remanufactured cartridges which are kind of clones of the OEM versions and would solve the same purpose , come with almost the same quality standards and perform the same job with the only twist that they would be costing you very less which is the most major factor for anyway in these days of recession. You need to consult the right refillers in order to get the job done because if its processed in the wrong way you can expect a broken printer head.

A video on how to do it yourself if you are brave:


Though I will not refill your ink cartrdige for you, I will help you with your printer and ink cartridges. It was just today that I was called out to a client's house to install the print cartridge. The client was afrid to give it the good snap and push it needed, in fear of breaking the printer. So don't be scared to use a little force to get those into place.

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Thanks for reading our tips for the day! I hope you have learned something new!


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