Thursday, March 3, 2011

FREE Internet! Yes, it’s possible!

I just received a phone call from someone that helps seniors.  She told me that her clients were looking for a free internet service provider (ISP).  I did a little research and I found a web site that give information on free isp’s according to your location. 

One thing you will need to remember (ok maybe two) 1st, don’t expect to be moving on the internet at lightening speeds! 2nd, if your computer is a newer desktop purchased in the last couple of years, more than likely you do not have an internal telephone modem. It’s no big deal, but this is a ‘card’ that will need to be installed into the computer before you can use a dial up service.  Additionally, you will have to have a phone line in the house as well, there are no free broad band ISPs at this time.  IF you see information stating other wise can you please pass it along.

Here is the link, I hope you find this helpful!

This is what is available in the Melbourne, FL area – the web site’s most recent date was 2009:



These services work on all Windows based machines.

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