Saturday, September 19, 2009

SSCT - Ink Cartridges for a CURE!

I have become involved with the American Cancer Society (ACS) and their Relay for Life events. My brother-in-law and other family members have been directly affected by this illness not to mention many, many of my very close clients at Simply Seniors Computer Tutor (SSCT). This is a devastating illness that touches so many including the caregivers and other family members. I currently donate my time and talents to this organization as needed and wanted to do something more. With this - this idea came to life:

I am starting "Ink Cartridges for a Cure" it's really quite simple. You can donate your used printer ink cartridges to Simply Seniors Computer Tutor and we will turn each one into $3.00 which will be donated to the ACS for the Relay for Life events. Those ink cartridges will not only become money to be donated ACS they will also become recycled materials. These ink cartridges will not stuff our landfills with more electronic debris.

If you are local to Brevard County I am willing to come by your location to pick these cartridges up; however, I will plan those trips when I already have other clients in the area - to save resources (gas). You are encouraged to email: or call 321-431-3866 and leave a message - to schedule pick-up of your donated cartridges.

If you would like to help me with this GREAT idea I had - :-) and help the American Cancer Society find a CURE - then you can mail your cartridges to:

Simply Seniors Computer Tutor

430 Count Street

Melbourne, FL 32901

You can donated just about any style ink cartridges, including toner cartridges and drums. You may also include donations of new ink that is unneeded.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this and how we can make this idea work. Please feel free to share this information with your friends and family. You may want to cut and paste this post to share with them.

I have set a goal of $1000 - as I would like to make a donation in that amount. That's just 333 ink cartridges! Figure each printer uses at least 2 -That's only 166 different people I need to touch with this message (even less if you happen to have one of those 5 cartridge holding printers :-) I really think we can meet our goals. Likewise, I will keep you updated on the details and progress as we have a couple of months to collect the cartridges before the donations are due at the Relay for Life event.

To learn more about the Relay for Life event:

Happy Computing!

Stacey Kile

Owner - Simply Seniors Computer Tutor "The Computer service you refer Mom to!" (Keep checking our web site a new look is coming soon! Details to come)


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