Friday, September 11, 2009

Be AWARE of the FAKE Anti Virus & Anti Malware

This comes up all this time and here it is again this evening. I was downloading some of the tools I often use for cleaning and scanning a computer when I ran across a FAKE anti virus. I use a product named Smith Fraud Fix - it's some strange foreign product that really seems to get the job done. While looking for it I ran into: LOOK AT THE NAME to the unsuspecting person they may download this right away - sounds close enough right? Then you'll find yourself in a world of computer trouble.

The real web site address is: as you see VERY different - but a google search gave me the name that most closely matched and since this FAKE virus company bought the website address with the closest name match - they came in on top of the real web site. They even pay to be in google ad words, where they show at the top of the google search. WHY!?!

Here is another GREAT virus web site. While downloading OPEN OFFICE at I accidentally typed 3 FFF's and came to this web site: LOOK AT THE NAME again very close to the real web site with just a little difference. And this one contains images that look much like what you see on the real web site BUT you are directed to PAY (not on the real site - it's free there). Not only can you get stuck giving your credit card to who knows - you also will have a lovely little virus to show for your simple mistake.

While trying to go to the FREE web site for AVG anti virus I typed in the following URL into the address bar: LOOK AT THE NAME - this brought me to a web site trying to get me to sign up for more free things - guess what else was learking in the background, a pop up window that told me I was infected and I should download their product to fix my infection!

The correct web site for FREE AVG anti virus is see the difference in the address - very subtle but it means the difference between the real thing and being tricked into a dirty virus on your computer.

I hope this was interesting - please pay close attention while typing URLS - you never know where you'll end up!

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