Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Social Networking a Waste of Time or Genius Government Surveillance System?

Do you use facebook?  Have you ever really thought about all the information about you that is now out there for everyone to see… It does sound scary but when you think back hasn’t this same information almost always been out there for all to see, just not so neatly packaged.  Not too long ago I needed some information so I used google to search for my friends name.  Not only did I find the girl’s name, I found her house, the address and photo than went all around her house.  I could then enter in my own address and find the exact driving directions to her address.  Now if this is one of those things that makes you go “ahh” is this too much information?  Just step back and think, we have had telephone books for years which contained this very same information.  It would have taken me a little longer because i might have had to use a paper map to figure out those directions and I would not have seen the house until i was driving by it – but all in all it was still there for me to see.

I ran across this video floating around on FB today.  I think you’ll enjoy this and by all means pay attention to who the broadcast company is before you get all up in arms about this video.

Now please do not take this video for anything but what it is, entertainment,  just like facebook is entertainment. 

So what does this tell you?  Remember that everything you post, EVERYTHING is visible to everyone else so do not ever think that you are having a private conversation on Facebook or any other social network.  As a matter of a fact new computers, start with a disclaimer that explains that your email transmissions could been seen by others.  There is a little check box that we all hit to make that message stop appearing after the first time we see it.  Then many users act as if they are shocked that their information can be seen by others.  remember what we used to call this thing just a few years ago it was called the World Wide Web, a web of interconnected computers.  It is still exactly that a web of computers that are all connected to each other.  There are safety precautions that many of us take to keep our information from being seen by others but remember nothing is fool proof. 

I tell my clients that if someone really wants their information, there are many places beyond our control.  Just please be careful and smart about sharing your personal information. 

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