Saturday, October 10, 2009

Simply Repurposed PC's - Why buy new?

Simply Seniors Computer Tutor is proud to introduce "Simply Repurposed PC's" to our clients. Please check back with our main web site as we will have a page devoted to our in stock Simply Repurposed PC's. The Pcs are desktops and laptops all running Windows XP. Each PC comes with a 90 Day parts warranty and we are always here to help when you need us!

Our repurposed PCs start as low as $75!!! The are all brand name products, HP, Dell, Compaq, Gateway, E-Machines, IBM, each computer has been thoroughly inspected for hardware defects, software installs and updates, cosmetic quality and more.

We have used keyboard, mice, LCD Flat screen monitors, Desktops, Laptops, Netbooks, printers, recycled (unused) paper and more.

These computers simple were no longer useful to their owner who may have had different computer needs, merged from a desktop to a laptop or a company sell /buy out.

Consider the savings! Perfect for the light user, someone who does email, light web searches, writes letters & prints, digital photos, videos & DVD watching etc.,

Full Systems starting at $200! Delivered and set up for you in your Brevard or Indian River County FL location!

For more information call 321-431-3866 or email
If you have a used, broken or unwanted computer DO NOT THROW IT AWAY - our landfills do not want the mercury and toxins, and it's not necessary when it can be recycled. Staples and Office Depot will take your unwanted items for a fee.

Simply Seniors Computer Tutor would like to help. Remember all of your personal information is on your unwanted PC. A professional can help destroy that information so that it does not make it's way into the wrong hands. Contact Simply Seniors Computer Tutor for more information on how we can recycle your PC (for free).

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Stacey Kile - Owner Simply Seniors Computer Tutor - Simply Repurposed PCs

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